Nara Lounge: A new hookah hot spot

Hookah has became a popular tradition all over the world, first originating in India, then spreading to the Middle East, and now many Americans seem to get a taste of this flavorful delight. The Nara experience can bring you a taste of hookah culture. Nara Lounge is located at 2500 Hillsborough St.
“I’ve been smoking since I was 16, it’s something that I grew up with and opening up a coffee and tea shop that brings my culture to the eye of others can teach them why I do what I do”, said Refat Soboh, owner of Nara Lounge.
Nara opened in the beginning of December with high hopes of grabbing the attention of N.C. State students and other colleges around.
“Our atmosphere is calm, we have free Wi-Fi and it’s across from N.C. State so students don’t have to drive it’s within Peace College distance,” Soboh said. “Of course I’m here so they have something good to look at. We serve coffee and desserts, if they want a good experience, why not try us, I’m sure they will enjoy their time here in a welcoming environment.”
There are plenty of hookah bars around Raleigh, but Nara catches the students because of their wonderful set up and friendly employees.
“I’ve been smoking for about two to three years,: said Hope Ilicous, employee at Nara. “My friend took me to Sahara Café, then got hired at Prince, got my own hookah and haven’t stopped since. Nara has a wide variety and great customer service, if you don’t like hookah we have great coffee and tea. It’s good to be around a different atmosphere that can enlighten you in a way of how others live, the different culture. It helps you understand why people do it. Hookah is bangin”.
Ilicous said if a student is stressed and needs to relax then she recommends hookah. “It takes your focus off studying, it keeps your body calm and mind away from freaking out,” Soboh said. “I have to have my nicotine, I enjoy it, it’s a stress reliever and I have a busy life that I need to get away from.”

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