Valentines Day on a Budget

Student holding a bouquet of flowers.

By Olivia Worsham

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching while most college student’s bank accounts are steadily declining.

This raises the question, what can I do for my Valentine that won’t drain my pockets?

Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of going and buying a card, make one, your Valentine will love that you took the time to make one instead of just going to the store and picking one out.
  • If you don’t want to make a card, then write them a poem.
  • Instead of going out to some extravagant restaurant and paying for some outrageous dinner, make dinner. Put together a cheap, but nice candle lit dinner of their favorite foods.
  • If you still are planning on going out to dinner at a restaurant, check online first for a coupon to that restaurant.
  • Instead of going to the movie theater, put together a movie night with their favorite movies, and watch one after another, or rent a movie from Redbox.
  • Instead of buying a dozen expensive roses, buy a bag of rose petals and use them to write out a special message or form a heart.
  • Put together a night under the stars, get some blankets and take your Valentine outside in the yard and make a pallet on the ground for stargazing together.

The real reason for Valentine’s Day isn’t to spend all the money you have, but instead, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show someone how special they are to you by doing something out of the ordinary.

This list of ideas can be altered or changed completely, but they are just a push in an inexpensive direction that your bank account will thank you for in the future.

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