Transfer student enrollment on the rise

Transfer student smiling next to a box of doughnuts.

By Maddie Irvin

Attendance at WPU this year is at an all-time high, to the point where classes are filled to the brim and extra desks are brought in for back up.

There has not only been an increase in the number of new students as a whole, but the amount of transfer students as well.
According to Anna Burrelli, Admissions Counselor for Re-admit and Transfer Students at WPU, the number of transfer students in the fall of 2012 more than doubled at 63 students, compared to the 30 transfers in the fall of 2011.

In the spring of 2013 there were 44 new students in attendance at WPU, where 31 were transfers. This number tripled compared to the 10 in the spring of 2012. It’s evident that WPU has expanded its student body, but what is the reason for the increase in transfer students?

“Our recruitment team is out there,” said Burrelli.

“We’re gaining more exposure.”

Burrelli noted that the admissions team has done their research and visited 46 out of 58 community colleges this year, in hopes of catching the eye of the students in attendance.

In recent studies, the number of community college students has increased 46 percent for economic reasons, and the admissions team has been targeting these schools due to the high attendance rate.

Not only has the admissions team been making their rounds in North Carolina, but they’ve been gaining national exposure as well.

“We’ve been to California, Texas, Florida and Georgia to name a few,” Burrelli said.

WPU has gained exposure in the media by going co-ed this year, which may have had some influence on applicants.
But what is it that truly attracts the students to campus?

“I think it’s the warmth you feel from the faculty, staff and classmates, whether you are a new or transfer student,” said Burrelli.

“We’re friendly here at Peace.”

Sarah Allison, a WPU first year who transferred in the spring of 2013, agreed with Burrelli.

“I like the personal aspect at Peace versus other campuses that don’t have that connection.”

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