Intramural sports heating up

WPU student lying face down on the gym floor.

Much change has occurred at the WPU campus over the past year. With the co-ed transition in the Fall of 2012, a new platform has been created: intramural sports. Football, volleyball, speedmitten, and dodgeball are a few of the sports that have been made available to students.
This semester coaches and students formed alliances against each other to create a bracket of 10 teams for the dodgeball league. If you went to the gym on Wednesday nights over the past few weeks, chances are that you heard loud cheers and chants as teams battled it out.
Kevin Daniels, head volleyball coach for WPU says, “I like getting in and mixing it up with the students. There is a new culture on campus and it takes buying into that culture to help this community grow. If I can do that and throw things at people at the same time, why not?”
After several weeks of competition, it’s time for the final four teams to compete in the Dodgeball Intramural Championship.
“The championship will be very exciting and hype. It’s a good stress reliever to be able to take a break from studying to play dodgeball with my friends. We might as well have fun while we’re here,” says Terrace Myles, a WPU first-year student.
Stephen Clayton, the Raleigh Fellows Program Coordinator at WPU, is working to create more intramural sports for the future.
Since being eliminated from the final four, students have commented on their experiences with the league. “It was a lot of fun. It gave my friends and I an opportunity to meet new people,” says Camille McDougald, a WPU junior.
The semi-final games will begin at 7:15 P.M. tonight in the Hermann Center followed by a championship game at 8:30 P.M.
It’s evident that coaches and students both will miss the dodgeball league, especially. Kevin Daniels explains, “Who doesn’t like a good game of dodgeball every now and then?”

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