In the digital age, paper planners hold their own

Planner with abstract illustrations made by Erin Condren

By Taylor Hawkins

In the age of technology, there is one item that many choose to stay low tech – the planner.

“I’d be lost without my planner,” said Lynn Owens, William Peace University Associate Professor of Communication.

“My kids’ schedules, my husband’s schedule would be too much to enter into a phone.”

Even though phones and computers have the option of making your schedule, many people tend to stick with planners they can write inside of.

Owens purchased her planner from popular designer Erin Condren.

Condren’s planners are $50, but the designer has more than 39,000 likes on Facebook since 2010 and that number keeps growing.

“I consider myself quite tech savvy, but I still find that I am more organized and prepared when I create handwritten schedules, lists and goals in an old school planner”, said Condren, on her website.

Owens says $50 is not too much to spend when it’s something that will keep her life on track.

People say it’s the feeling of writing something down that seems more effective, as does the ability to cross items off.

“I’ve been using a planner since elementary school and will continue to use one no matter how technology chooses to advance,” said Hunter Narron, a junior at William Peace University.

Technology will only expand more and more as years pass, but the use of a paper planner will still be a must for many people.

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