Bus stops not accessible for all

Unless you ride the CAT Bus, you may not notice the location of the bus stops and how some of them are hard to get to.
Many citizens in Raleigh who are disabled have difficulty getting to the bus stop to go to work or to other commitments they may have. Some of the bus stops are located on grassy areas or a long distance from the sidewalk.
Those who use a wheelchair for transportation sometimes have trouble making it to the exact spot of the bus stop.
Evvie Witting, William Peace University alumna, noticed an elderly lady in her wheelchair on the side of Western Boulevard in downtown Raleigh one evening.
She stopped in an effort to help wheel her off of the side of the road.
When Witting walked up to the lady she asked her if she needed help and she replied with a thankful “yes.”
As Witting wheeled her off the road and to the bus stop the woman then told her she had just crossed the highway in the wheelchair by herself.
She also told Witting that one time she was unable to wheel herself right up to the bus stop but even though she was a few feet away from the stop the bus driver would not pull forward to let her on.
“Why is it that the bus driver couldn’t even pull a few feet forward to let her on?” Witting said. “One night she even said she had to wait in the freezing cold nine hours until she was able to work her way to the exact spot of the bus stop and then the bus picked her up. You would think the bus driver would at least get out and help her.”
Not very many of us ever think about the bus stops or even look at them to see whether or not they are easy to get to.
It has been an issue not only with this particular elderly woman’s case, but many others as well.
“She even mentioned how she has friends who use automatic wheelchairs, but are still sometimes unable to make it directly to the stop as well,” Witting said.

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