WPU student living her dreams as a "Broadcaster"

South Carolina Broadcasters (Demo)

By Haylee Damato

As children, we often imagine ourselves as famous musicians like Britney Spears and Beyoncé or even professional athletes like Michael Jordan. It’s one of those, “I want to be him when I grow up” moments.

When you hear of a child’s dream you may not actually envision it coming true.

For William Peace University sophomore Sarah Osborne, she found her passion for music at twelve and hasn’t stopped since.

“I started out writing songs of my own and performing at lots of coffee shops, open mics, and community festivals,” Osborne admits. Now, eight years later, she finds herself living her dream with the South Carolina Broadcasters.

The South Carolina Broadcasters is an old-time band based in Charleston, South Carolina. They are traveling their way around the South Eastern United States. Osborne along with founders of the band David and Ivy Sheppard have been singing as a trio since 2012.

Many students find school to be busy, especially when working a part-time job or internship, but try working a job, attending school and traveling around the East Coast every weekend performing live music. That’s exactly the kind of environment Osborne surrounds herself with.

Today Osborne is a member of the South Carolina Broadcasters, an old-time folk band including David and Ivy Sheppard. It was a friend that introduced her to the band, Joe Keasler.

Osborne confesses, “I was a huge Broadcaster fan before I ever met the band. In June of 2012, I went to my first true SCB concert. I was sitting on the front row, singing all of the words to the songs and getting so into the music. I remember the moment distinctly… Ivy saw me singing the words to ‘When God Dips His Love in my Heart’ and she invited me onstage to sing along.”

Osborne finds it challenging each week to keep up with school, extra-curricular activities and her social life, however she was quick to confirm that it was worth the lack of sleep and long days.

William Peace University offers her a great support system.

“I’m thankful that I go to a small school where I can build strong relationships with my professors so they are understanding and interested in what I’m doing,” she said.

“It makes my job as a musician so much more fulfilling to have people looking out for me and hoping I’ll succeed.”

Prior to Osborne joining the band, the South Carolina Broadcasters released two albums including, “A Thousand Miles Away from Home” in 2011 & “Can You Hear Me Now?” in 2012.

Now it is 2013 and album number three will be released on March 23 at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, North Carolina. This will be the first album Osborne has been a part of since joining the band in 2012.

William Peace University continues to support Osborne as she continues to progress as a student and as a musician.

“I’m really thankful for my time as a Peace College student. I met Joe Keasler and was introduced to this music, and now I’m one-third of my favorite band. It seems so crazy, but it’s true and I’ll be forever grateful that it has all come together this way. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

If you are interested in seeing the South Carolina Broadcasters as they perform in Durham on March 23, 2013, be sure to view their website for event and tour information.

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