Students react to new housing option

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By Elledia Ijames

The news about William Peace University teaming up with the Wolf Creek apartment complex has been spreading like wildfire.
Ever since the email was sent to all WPU students, it has been the talk of the cobblestone walkways, dorm rooms, and the ever-bustling Belk Dining Hall.

“It is ironic because just last semester I was asking so many staff members about off-campus living and they just kept telling me that they did not have any off campus options,” said WPU sophomore, Samantha Davis.

“But I am definitely glad that they decided to do this.”

“This is a great expansion opportunity for the school, and it will probably attract more numbers and more diversity,” said Finley RA, Macy Beaman.

“It feels like we are finally transforming into a university. However, discussing this at the RA meeting, there was a split level of frustration and excitement. But I am sure that all the kinks will be straightened out by the fall.”

Transportation to and from campus will provided by Wolfline, the NC State bus line as well as the CAT bus.

“People have been saying that the Wolfline would only transport students without a car during class hours which would restrict them from staying late at the library, but the NC State library is closer and it stays open all night,” said Brittaney Crudup, WPU class of 2015.

“So living in Wolf Creek is pretty ideal regardless of bus hours. Besides the CAT bus runs later than the Wolfline.”

Many students believe that the best part of the Wolf Creek partnership is that living there is covered by tuition and it’s the same expense as living in a dorm on campus.

This makes living in an off-campus apartment more economical for many WPU students.

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