Students seek summer work

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By Sam Murray

With spring break now in the rearview mirror, William Peace University students can begin counting down the days until summer vacation.

With less than two months of class remaining in the school year, summer plans are already being figured out.
But with all of the vacationing that students look forward to, making money is a huge part of almost every college student’s summer plans.

There are plenty of different jobs that students will look for this summer. Being a lifeguard, waiter/waitress, or camp counselor are some of the more popular summer jobs for college students.

Freshman John Hardin has had a somewhat unusual summer job. Harding has been working for the Boar’s Head meat and Cheese Company the past few summers.

“I work long hours all summer but am able to make some good money,” said Hardin.

“I usually start work around 6 a.m. and don’t get done until 3 p.m. I count and organize boxes and orders of food all day, which I do enjoy because I like getting things done.”

Other students find jobs that they can do all year so that they do not have to accomplish the tough task of finding a job strictly for the summer.

Many students find jobs at restaurants or local stores where they can schedule their work around their classes.

Even though many WPU students participate in athletics during the year, they still have to make time for earning money.

“I have been working at the Auto Bell Car wash shop for a few years now,” said WPU freshman basketball player Nate Strother.

“It isn’t easy work, but the money isn’t bad and I have become pretty good at it.”

Although a summer job for college students is not mandatory, many students are trying to jumpstart their future career by selecting the right summer job.

A summer internship or knowing the right people can help students begin working in their future field while they are in school.

“I think working for that company after college is definitely a possibility,” said Hardin.

“I could make a good living working for people I really enjoy being around.”

So if you are a college student who has yet to have a summer job, you might want to start thinking about sending in some applications and make a few bucks while waiting for the next school year to begin.

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