Wedge sneakers coveted this spring

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By Samantha Davis

Shoe trends change year to year. And 2013 is the year of the wedge sneaker.

Wedged sneakers have a distinct build. The wedge heel is thick and one piece with the sole, whereas high-heeled shoes have a separate heel.

Its height ranges from a slight raise in the heel to several inches. Wedge sneakers’ status has come and gone just like any other trend.

Hundreds of wedge designs come out each year but every year isn’t always their year.

Women wear heels to make the legs look longer, to make the body look thinner, thus, improving ones posture.

Wedges don’t only offer style but also offer more support than stilettos or high heels.

Balancing is easier on a wedge, reducing the number of falls that accompany high heels.

Wedges offer more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems.

William Peace University student Kristen Edwards says, “Wedges are one of my favorite kind of shoe to wear, especially when I go out to dinner or to the club. Just because they’re crazy comfortable and make me feel taller.”

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