WPU's first men to run for Sophomore President and Vice President

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As members of the first co-ed class of William Peace University, Zach Almond and Terrace Myles are also the first males to run for Sophomore Class Council President and Vice President.
Almond, a 19-year-old from Albemarle, North Carolina, is excited about what he can bring to SGA and the student body. “I have common sense solutions for the problems that WPU faces and I plan to bring a strong voice to the sophomore class,” said Almond.
Myles, a freshman from Fayetteville, North Carolina, followed Almond’s comment by adding, “We really just want to make the school a better place as a whole. We want to focus on security, student involvement and making this school an enjoyable and safe learning environment.”
Each year, William Peace University students elect three officers for each class in addition to six student government officers that represent the entire student body.
These officers meet on a regular basis to plan programming for students, fulfill the student body’s wishes and represent WPU students as delegates to campus and extracurricular events.

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