Housing Gripes

This school year, a lot of issues have come up regarding the housing
situation. Since Peace College has become the co-ed William Peace
University, many changes have taken place.
“I don’t have a problem with the housing situation that has come about
because I am living off campus next year but it does suck for those
who wanted to actually stay on campus,” said WPU student Ashley Bunch.
But in my opinion I think it is a win-lose situation. Sophomores,
juniors, and seniors basically don’t have much of a choice for housing
next school year. The options are being limited to either living in
Bingham or Wolf Creek.
Bingham is an on-campus dorm that only has at least 54 to 59 slots
open for living and this is out of three classes that they have to
choose who gets to live there.
The good thing about being in Bingham is the convenience of living on
campus, not having to wake up early for class, and being able to go
back to your room after classes. On the other hand, living in Bingham
you don’t have much of privacy because of the RAs.
Living at Wolf Creek has it pros and cons also. The pros of living at
Wolf Creek are privacy, your own bathroom, and single room. The cons
are if you don’t have a car then you have to take the shuttle that
only runs during class hours. If you do drive, you have to consider
the gas costs for the 10-15 minutes commute.
Lots of complaints have been made about housing, and whether any
changes will be made is a waiting game.

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