Pacer Golf getting into swing

Golf course with a lake in the foreground

William Peace University’s first men’s golf team is starting to play. The team is in a very tough and competitive conference for its respective sport, and players say going into the first couple of years with the program might be a little slow to start up.
The team currently practices at the River Ridge Golf Club in Raleigh.
With only five members, the team looks to build up its roster next year. This may not be an easy task for golf coach Claude Shields, who is also the men’s basketball coach at WPU and is looking for new recruits for the basketball team as well.
“Over the next 1 or 2 years the team will start to make a name for itself and get a full team,” said Shields. “Expectations for the first season are to be determined, but we are going to get a lot of experience both practicing and playing with the matches we have coming up.”
Team member, and first player recruited, Terrace Myles said, “I came upon the golf team by looking onto the website and contacting the coach and asking him to come out and watch me play. From there he recruited me. My goals for the season would be to place in the top 5 of all three of our matches this spring season.”
The golf team is not just a spring sport. There will also be some matches being played in by the team in the fall of 2013.

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