Vitamins and your health

Most people today are unaware of the several benefits of vitamins and how they can impact your everyday mental and physical health.
“Good mental health depends on key vitamins and nutrients that serve as co-factors in producing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine,” said Dr. Julia Lunsford, a local holistic doctor.
There are several vitamins and holistic medicines that can be taken for stress, energy, and overall health such as omega 3, L-theanine, B-12, stress B complex, probiotics, vitamin A, iron, and many more.
“As a busy student, I was always tired during the day but a few weeks after taking B-12, I have energy,” says Matthew Duzane, a student from the University of Memphis.
Fast food and poor snack choices contribute to bad health, but by making different food choices and taking vitamins, your overall health can change drastically.
“It has been said that we are what we eat. Sadly, many people now subsist on junk and processed foods. Eating real food and supplementing with a few important vitamins and minerals is often the best medicine we can take,” Dr. Lunsford said.
Vitamins and other holistic medicines can be purchased at Whole Foods, Harmony Farms, and many local convenience stores.

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