WPU campus crime

Vandalized car with "Sucks 2" plastered on the hood of the vehicle

By Zachary Almond

Crime on William Peace University’s campus is bringing about unease among many students.

Sophomore Ginny Taylor says her room has been broken into three times this year.

“My laptop was stolen and now my car has been keyed,” she said.

“I feel very unsafe on campus and I hope that the necessary precautions are being made so that this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

First-year student Dillon Roser had his vehicle vandalized.

“I feel like it was a really immature thing to do,” he said.

“The fact that someone took the time to do that to someone’s car is really sad. I do believe it was someone on the William Peace campus who was either jealous or just a mean-spirited person. We definitely need more cameras and security around campus to cover all angles of the parking lots so this doesn’t keep happening.”

Michael John, head of WPU’s Public Safety department, said, “In regards to security, we encourage students to keep their doors locked and always notify public safety if a stranger is on campus. If someone is trying to piggyback or home in behind you without using a Pacer Card you should say no. Students should keep their vehicles locked and hide or take their belongings with them. If students are feeling uncomfortable moving about campus, they can call and officer to escort them from point A to point B. We are adding more cameras and are going to do everything in our power to protect students.”

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