Thrifting is in fashion

Peace Student dressed up in the latest fashion she just bought.

Olivia Gray is a 20-year-old college junior and an avid thrifter.
“I enjoy thrift shopping, because I get a thrill when I find unique pieces that don’t break my wallet.”
Thrifting is becoming a popular form of shopping.
When someone says they are a thrift shopper, people might think of Goodwill, dingy floors and old torn clothing piled in heaps. It doesn’t necessarily mean Goodwill, although that is a good place to start.
Second-hand stores/resale stores such as Plato’s Closet are great stores for an awesome thrifting experience.
In today’s economy, shopping at thrift and second-hand stores is a great way to stretch a dollar, but still get the things you need.
It provides a fun affordable way to buy clothing, accessories, furniture and whatever nick nacks you can find that most people would pay, well more than my whole life is worth.
Although being thrifty can be a huge budget saver, if you are first-time shoppers things can be a bit overwhelming.
“I recently experienced shopping at a second hand store for the first time,” says college freshman Amanda Campbell. “At first I didn’t know where to start there were so many options, so started with the closest rack took my time and came out with five great tops for less than 20 dollars.”
The best way to make your shopping experience enjoyable is to always have a plan but be open minded, look for quality brands, but don’t be afraid to try new things, and think creatively and stay versatile when you are shopping. You can make one item go a long way.
Always remember shop hard and spend less.

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