Before the Curtain and Ruby Red Slippers

Cover Art depitcing a witch in an enchanted forest.

“Oz, The Great and Powerful”, which premiered in theaters March 8, turned out to disappoint the beloved story we all grew up smiling about.
The story that gave us fantastical images of magic, far away lands, and evil witches, seemed to lose it’s magic in the minds of audiences with this prequel.
The filmmaker’s notion is to go back to the days before Dorothy and Toto and follow Oscar Diggs, played by actor James Franco, on his journey through Oz. Oscar, a traveling carnival magician, uses his bags of tricks not only to get women into bed but on his quest to becoming the wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Although the film seemed headed in the right direction, it’s less than alluring visuals and small ideas were dispiriting.
“I felt like I really wanted to enjoy it but it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” said Ryan Boss, 20.
As it turns out, maybe “Oz, The Great and Powerful” had just too many wicked witches for its own good.
Director, Sam Rami, best known for the first “Spider Man” movies, needled through the script to an unappealing level. Leaving this infamous childhood story, to a dual of sisterly outrage and a Lothario with female troubles.
However disappointing this prequel film was, it can never dull the memories of flying monkeys, ruby slippers, and the great journey down the yellow brick road. Better to stick with your childhood favorite, “Wizard of Oz” than to spend money going to see this thwarting attempt of a prequel.

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