Cards for Military Spouses

Peace student writing a Thank You letter to the families of those who are serving the country.

By Suzy Richardson

As young Americans, we have a duty to support our country and those making sacrifices to protect it.

Many of us spend countless hours collecting things like hygiene products or recycled cell phones to send overseas to our troops.

But, how many times have we actually made an effort to say “thank you for your sacrifice” to their spouses, the men and women left behind to care for their families while wondering if they will ever see their loved one again?

Many of us cannot imagine the courage and bravery that these men and women show on a daily basis in the face of their children and civilians around them. They have sacrificed time with their loved ones, frequent relocations, and too often financial hardships yet their commitment frequently goes unnoticed and unrecognized.

Well, fellow Pacers, here is your opportunity.

Support Military Spouses is a non-profit organization based in Apex, NC. They are one of the few organizations that dedicate its resources to showing appreciation to these home-front heroes.

Write a card or letter –  it doesn’t have to be long.  Tell them how much you appreciate what they and their families have sacrificed. These cards and letters will be included in the Shoebox Gifts that Support Military Spouses will be delivering to military bases around the state this May.

Send it to the address below, and give yourself a patriotic pat on the back.

Support Military Spouses, 3457 Apex Peakway, Apex, North Carolina 27502

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