Non-Profit Career Fair: A Career Bust?

A bustle of students dressed in business casual wear and resumes in hand were eager to get their name out this past week. The Non-Profit Career Fair had hit Hermann Gym this past Friday.
From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., students migrated to booths to discuss possible future employments, internship sites and summer job prospects to a small variety of organizations.
The fair included groups such as The Girls Scouts of America, AmeriCorps, and Playworks of Durham.
As a senior, I can say that the event was not as helpful as I had hoped for. Understandably, the campus is small and thus we cannot host large events, but the variety of positions offered to students was a nonetheless, a tad disappointing.
Not to mention, as Taylor White, senior at WPU said, “The parking was once again an issue.”
However, as I approached each booth many advertised summer job opportunities and internship positions. And although I gave my resume out to four booths, the organizations I was interested in confirmed that there were no openings for full time positions either.
The non-profits that attended the fair were amazing programs that I knew created a huge impact on our community, but this fair could have been more organized and diverse.
The career fairs normally focus on seniors who are readily about to join the work force, but this event should have been advertised on campus to freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
Suzy Richardson, another senior said, “There were a few booths that I was interested in, but I was hoping that there would be more places looking for employees than I had talked to.”
Nonetheless, there were ample openings for returning WPU students, but next year I hope that students are provided with a more diverse amount of opportunities.

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