Red Rose Ball gets thumbs up

Group of Peace ladies at the Red Rose Ball.

By Meghan Luffman

A tradition that has been going at Peace for many years is the Red Rose Ball.

This year’s dance was held this past Friday at the Cardinal Club.

“Every Red Rose Ball has been similar, but what I really like about it is that there is no pressure to have a date,” said Hannah Murphy, a WPU junior.

Some students said they were worried the atmosphere of dances would change with guys being here now, but Murphy said it ended up not being true.

“I feel like the dances haven’t really changed with the enrollment of guys in the school, because even with an all-girls school, people would bring their dates so guys were there too.”

Male students also said they enjoyed the dance.

“It was a very fun experience and I can’t wait to go back next year,” said Terrace Myles, a WPU freshman.

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