WPU's New York Trip

Students returning from shopping taking a picture with a life-sized Elmo

By Alexis Joynes

On April 5, William Peace will take its second annual bus trip to New York, the Big Apple.

This trip is a great opportunity for students, faculty and alumni who have never been to the famous city.

With a whole 12 hours of freedom to go explore and have fun.

For just 100 dollars, the school will provide transportation, movies and a few snacks during the ride.

For the females attending the trip, one must see is the four-story H&M clothing store located in Times Square.

For the males going on the trip, I am sure a favorite will be the large Foot Locker sneaker store also located in Times Square.

WPU Junior, Jordan Upchurch has some tips for those going on this year’s trip.

“Having been on the trip with the school last year I know what is important when being in a new environment such as New York,” Upchurch said.

“Dressing in layers the smart thing to do because of the weather and make sure no matter where you go you’re with a friend.”

Sound like an exciting trip? Make your way to Student Services in second Belk to sign up today.

Trust me, this will be a great experience with friends.

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