March Madness: It's anybody's game

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By Sam Murray

Everybody knows that the NCAA Tournament has produced some amazing moments throughout the history of college basketball.

“March Madness” is a term that almost everyone is familiar with, and we are currently in the middle of the most enjoyable time for college basketball fans.

After one weekend of the NCAA Tournament we have already seen some heroic feats. A 15 seed, Florida Gulf Coast University, has become the first ever 15 seed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Gonzaga, who was supposed to be a legitimate contender to make the final four, has failed to make it out of the first weekend after losing to a 9 seed in Wichita State.

The first two rounds of the tournament have caused some fans to rip up their brackets already.

“At this point my bracket is so ruined I just feel like cheering for the underdogs,” said WPU freshman John Hardin.

“The unpredictability this year is ridiculous.”

If you participate in the ritual of filling out a bracket, you too have probably seen yourself yelling at the TV when a 13 seed like La Salle achieves two historic wins and advances to the Sweet 16.

With only 16 teams remaining in the tournament we all can expect the remaining games to be very close and competitive.

“This is the time of year where every major college basketball fan is around a TV every weekend,” said Hardin. “Nothing is better than the NCAA tournament; you never know what is going to happen next.”

With the final four just a few weekends away, college basketball fans are excited to see who this year’s national champion is going to be.

Time will tell whether one of the college basketball powerhouses or a Cinderella story will win the crystal ball.

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