How men can make their mark on spring fashion

Men's Ringer V-Neck Tees - Heather Red (Demo)

As the weather begins to verge slowly into hotter temperatures, you are going to want to update your closet with a selection of items that will thaw out your current freeze-friendly attire.
The winter season is filled with guys that buy clothes that cost a fortune just to impress a girl who is wearing $10 leggings.
Now that spring is here, you do not have to bargain too much to look good.
The key to being stylish is having the ability to pull off more than one look. Sneakers are always popular among males, but Toms have gained notoriety as of late also.
“I like Toms because they are comfortable and there so many different variations and colors,” says Gideon Akinsola, a junior at NC State University. “You can wear them dressing up, or just slip them on and go about your business.”
These low cut shoes are perfect for warm weather and are very affordable. Plus every pair you buy helps an improvised child get a pair of shoes in a third world country.
Chino shorts are also a good option because they come in many different colors. Lastly, tops just really depend on your own swag. Graphic tees, polo’s, jerseys and tank tops are all common.
“V-necks are a nice casual look on guys,” said Maggie Roberson, who is a junior at NC State as well. “There just appropriate to wear when it’s warmer.”
So guys, it is time to make your mark on spring and get spiffy!

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