Stem cell research advances

The technical definition of stem cell research is the study of stem cells.
Stem cells are unspecialized cells located in the marrow of everyone’s bones.
Up until now, stem cells were used to clone things and help with Sickle Cell Anemia.
This year, stem cells along with the use of a 3D printer successfully created bacon.
In another case, a man was hurt and crushed 75% of his skull, and stem cells and the 3D printer helped repair it.
So far, studies of stem cells have been extremely popular.
In order for the stem cells to be transformed, you must interface with the stem cells’ original construction and purpose.
What if your stem cell was supposed to end up as a brain cell that you may need later on? You must mutate these cells to be exactly what you need.
Now when they study stem cells and you would like to create something, you would use your tweaked cells in a 3D printer to actually form whatever you please.
They’ve also printed out stem cells in order to create a liver on the 3D printer. It’s basically like the stem cells are unlabeled spices and the printer is the oven or the microwave.
This is where the largely gray areas of morals, ethics, and values come into conflict.
In my opinion, it’s immoral to clone animals, however, reconstructing parts, such as the reconstruction of a man’s skull, helped to heal without creating another life.

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