Tanning: A dangerous addiction?

Nowadays everyone wants to have that perfect complexion. So the first thing that comes to many college students’ minds is to drive straight to the tanning bed.
For some students, tanning isn’t just about getting bronzed.
“I go tanning to have a darker complexion but also for pleasure and relaxation,” said WPU student Kristen Edwards.
Female college students tend to consume many types of media. And the media often portray “sexy” women as having a beautiful glowing tan. But in reality, many college students don’t see the harmful effects that tanning can have on your body.
Tanning can cause skin cancer, premature aging and immune system suppression.
There isn’t a safe way to tan, whether the UV rays are coming from the sun or the tanning bed. Tanning from the sun can cause you to have the same effects, but it can also cause sunburn and peeling. Yes, tanning causes you to look beautiful and have that great skin color, but at the end of the day your health should be more important than trying to get that skin complexion you want.

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