Wanelo: Pinterest for shopaholics

wanelo advertisment, find unique products and stores you've never heard of

In the age of the website Pinterest, many people are using the internet to find new styles and products to try out.
However, one of the downsides of Pinterest is not being able to find where to buy that cute top or boots.
Say hello to Wanelo.
Wanelo.com is a website much like Pinterest, where users can browse trending products, or search for a specific item.
Unlike Pinterest, Wanelo automatically includes a link to where to purchase the item.
“It’s very convenient to easily go on and purchase whatever I want,” said Erica Saraceno, a WPU sophomore. “It’s a convenient place for small businesses to sell their products.”
The website seems very based towards “hipsters”, and shows off unique items not found in many places.
“The clothes on the website are really trendy,” says Ginny Taylor, a WPU sophomore. “I really like the jewelry.”
Although Wanelo may not help those with a shopping addiction, it’s certainly helpful for those looking to find stylish new clothes, jewelry and knick-knacks.

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