WPU Parking

The second phase of William Peace University’s renovations has officially been announced, with its primary focus on the bookstore and offices for student services as well as residential life and housing.
Although these renovations are a great addition to the university, some students are still displeased with other areas of campus, with parking being the focal point.
“I refuse to purchase a parking pass since there are very few spaces for students and faculty to actually park,” said Katrice Rasberry, current William Peace University Student. “I take a chance of getting a parking ticket daily because I feel as though I shouldn’t have to park on the side of the road.”
Many students say they feel as though this is an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved, and the sudden increase in students from the transition hasn’t helped the matter.
The renovations that are set to be completed in the Fall should not only focus on expanding the campus, but also expanding parking lots which would benefit both students and faculty.
Lynnette Monroe, an alumna of Peace College said, “This has been an ongoing issue from the time I attended Peace, until the time I left and it still continues. Over the years, many student’s cars have gotten damaged while being parked on the road and that shouldn’t be a problem that students have to worry about.”
Hopefully in the future, changes will be made to resolve this issue and ultimately lead to more parking which will equal students being on time to class instead of circling the parking lot like a hawk to find an available spot.

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