New Peace Perk Dining Options

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By Sarah Osborne

The recent appointment of the new Food Service Director, Lisa Davis, has started a campus-wide healthy trend at William Peace University. Not only does Belk Dining Hall now provide a fresher salad bar, more suitable vegetarian options, and fruit at every meal, Peace Perk has also been given a much needed upgrade.

The coffee shop, located in Lucy Finch Library, now carries greek yogurt, hummus and pretzels, low calorie cereal bars, sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, larger bottles of water, and a more plentiful variety of whole fruit smoothies.

“I can’t believe we didn’t have this before now,” said Christiane Newell, a sophomore at William Peace University. “Hummus should be a staple.”

Ginny Taylor, also a sophomore at WPU, agrees. “My favorite new snack is the vanilla yogurt,” she said.

Not only are students provided healthier options at Peace Perk, but they are also spending more of their Pacer Points. “I have been using way more Pacer points now than I did last semester,” said freshman Rachel Sapp.

There is still a plethora of soft drinks and candy bars available at Peace Perk, but the new options give students something else to choose from.

Many students say thanks to Davis and her innovative ideas, Peace Perk no longer has to be associated with a sugar rush or caffeine jolt. Students can visit the coffee shop for a quick and wholesome snack that will help get them through the day.

“I’m so thankful for the healthy options,” said Newell. “This changes everything.”

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