William Peace seniors set to graduate

Main (Makayla Cook)

By Luke Akinsola

William Peace University senior Faith Inman was optimistic eight months prior about history being made at WPU.

Many students and their families were irate with the fact that males would be walking on the grounds of a historically women’s institution for the very first time. However, Faith thought otherwise.

“I think it’s cool. Some of my classmates might disagree, but I think it’s cool for us to have this because we’re probably going to be the last class to graduate without an undergraduate male in the regular day program here at Peace,” said Inman.

“There is a sisterhood between me and my classmates because we are all close and I think it’s going to be neat to see guys transition into the Peace family.”

Many wondered why WPU officials decided to admit male students, but higher enrollment was essential for the overall growth of the university.

Brianna Demby is also a senior that will be graduating in a month. “It’s going to be different seeing guys surround the fountain throwing roses into it, but in order to grow change is important,” said Demby.

“I’m just ready to walk across the stage.”

William Peace University is in great hands with both male and female students. The graduating class has left a legacy that will last forever on this campus, and that positive energy will be contagious to every student that attends WPU.

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