Peace College graduates bid farewell

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By Peace Times Staff

The final page of the 2012-2013 school year has turned, students have moved off campus, and the first session of summer school is coming to a close. It’s been over two weeks since the graduating class of 2013 walked across the stage.

Many emotions surrounded commencement, but one thing still remains, and that is family. Below you will find a collection of senior wills written by recent Peace graduates highlighting their experiences while attending Peace College.

Congratulations, graduates!
Message from Melanie Thompson
Mel photo
When I first came to Peace, I didn’t think I would find the sisters that I have today.

I was quiet, didn’t go out much and was afraid to speak to people, and because of that I had to leave.

I feel like coming back was the best decision I ever made. I came back to a whole new group of girls and they are nothing short of amazing. They brought out the true me that I was missing the first time, and because of that I am a better person today. I’m not as afraid of being myself as I used to be, I know that no matter what they will accept me. We have shared so many experiences together that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I couldn’t imagine how my life would have turned out without coming back and I would like to thank everyone who made me glad that I did. To my RA family, you ladies are and forever will be in my heart, from every duty night to every “resident-less” hall event, we have been through a lot (especially this year) and I’m happy that we stuck together.

To the friends that I’m leaving behind, this will never be a goodbye. Know that I love you and will always be there for you as you have been for me. To the RD’s and Lara Lee, thank you for seeing the potential in me and giving me a chance to let everyone see the work I can do and what I am capable of.

Lastly, and most definitely not least, I want to give the biggest thanks to my parents. Without their love and support nothing I have done would have been possible. I know that dealing with me and the problems that I had was not an easy task, but they never gave up on me.

I love you all so much.

CLASS OF 2013 LLPC!! 🙂
Message from Rebekah Link
Rebekah Link
As I look back on the last four years, I realize just how much Peace College made me into the person I am today. I am in love with this school and all that it has given me during my time as an undergrad. I am so thankful for every person I met, everything I’ve learned, both in and out of class, and every memory made.

There is no possible way to express my gratitude to everyone, but know that I am grateful for everything you’ve taught me. I would like to thank my Bladen County sisters. Faith, Haylee, and Mary Katherine–I wouldn’t be who I am today without each of you. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing school, and thanks for being beside me every day for the last four years (and many before). I love you so much, and I thank God everyday for letting our paths cross. I am so proud of the amazing, beautiful women you’ve become, and I know that you are going to make a huge impact on this beautiful world.

To my fellow sisters, I would love to go through and thank you individually for all that you have done for me, but I would be devastated if I forgot to mention someone, and, well, that would be too long for this passage. You all have made the past four years the best of my life, and I can never thank you enough. All of our late nights in the design lab, trips to every fast food place on Western, dances, movie nights, Waterpaloozas, etc. will forever be in my heart. I knew I would be leaving college with a degree; what I didn’t know was that I would be leaving with a family.

To my fellow Peace family who will still be here for a little while longer, I love you. You, too, have changed my life for the better. I have watched you all grow into amazing people, and I am so proud to know you. To Lara Lee and Mama Sheri, words cannot express how grateful I am that y’all were placed in my life. Y’all are my family, and I love you both so much. To my professors and other members of the Peace community that taught me so much, thank you for everything. You have provided me with a foundation that I know will lead me to success.

Once again, thank you, Peace College.

Our sisterhood will last a lifetime, and I am so thankful to be a Peace girl!
Message from Sidney Edwards
Sidney photo
Dear Peace,


I came to college to find myself and in the process, the very-very long process… I also found one of the most loving and supportive families I’ve known. Thank you for the memories that I know that I will keep with me forever.

Every event, every Late Night Breakfast, every concert, every show, and every “study break” will be cherished in my mind from my wonderful Peace experience. Thank you to every faculty member that encouraged me along the way.

Thank you to my peers who took this journey with me and reminded me often that I was not alone. I thank God for the love that embraced me everyday as I walked across campus. I pray that we, the graduates of 2013, will continue to walk in light, love, and Peace as the beautiful women that we all have become.

Message from Asia Sanchez
Asia photo
I would like to say thank you to all of my family and friends for being so supportive through this transition in my life, but most of all, I want to thank my professors.

Thank you for passing down your wisdom, kindness, work ethic, skills and shoulders to cry on. Without all of you, none of us would have made it, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Message from Lucy Stone

I simply wish to say thank you to the people who helped a Kentucky girl find her Carolina roots. Jerry, you’ve been with me every step of the way and I cannot thank you enough for never giving up on me. To all my Ross girls, somehow we all survived that first year and I’m so glad we all got to experience it together and that I’m still friends with most of you.

To the English Department, the five of you saved me when I was so lost. EFL – you will never know how much our chats brightened my day. Hiscoe – I don’t think I could have made it through senior year without you. Newhouse – You’re perfection. Well, you and Foo Foo, of course. To my girls, my misfits, my ostrich, all the lions out there, y’all are amazing.

Vanesa, you’re my soul mate. I know for a fact that we were supposed to find each other because you make my life better every moment you’re in it. Kristi, you’re my sister. You, key lime pie, and corners are the reason I still have hair and my sanity. Dalia, aka “Young Hummus,” you’re my best friend and our Chipotle dates never cease to be magical.

Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud to be a Peace girl. Our sisterhood is one that will last a lifetime and I know that graduate doesn’t mean gone; it’s just another passage in our amazing journey together.
Message from Sierra Alley
Sierra photo
I came to Peace three years ago, not knowing anyone and going on blind faith that transferring here from an overseas university and moving from said country, was the right decision for me.

But I quickly came to the realization that this is where I was meant to be, and the friends that I have made over my Peace years, are the greatest group of young women that I proudly call my sisters. I am so honored that I have gotten to know Lucy Stone, Dalia Dahir, Kristi Munson, Jadia Hooper, Melanie Thompson, Jeanna Buck, Ariel Wortham, and many, many other wonderful ladies!

I especially want to thank Faith Inman. When I first came to Peace, she always made me feel welcome and she always made sure to talk to me in the dining hall or anywhere on campus.

I appreciate our friendship so much. It has been a long journey for me getting here and it’s hard to believe that I started my undergraduate career in New Zealand and now I’m ending it here at Peace.

I love you all, my dearest Peace sisters!
Message from Jami Watkins
Jami photo
The last 18 years of my life have been a student, some times a better student than others, but a student nonetheless. For years, I have said over and over, “I can’t wait to be finished.”

Now, I am not so sure that I feel this way.  To express the emotions of graduation day is impossible. Though Peace, yes Peace, has undergone so many changes over the years one thing that never changed is the bond between my favorite professors and classmates. I jokingly told Mr. Christman that I was going to be roaming the halls until I was 80 years old. He responded with laughter and said, “Yeah, me too.” I immediately felt jealous of the upcoming students of WPU.

You may not realize it now, underclassmen, but you are the luckiest students in the world. To have such dedicated teachers that genuinely care about you. I have become closer to my professors over the past 4 years than people that I have known my whole life. I envy that I will no longer have every day access to these inspiring mentors.

Through thick and thin these professors held my hand and pulled me through every moment when I was struggling. There were numerous times I had horrible weeks and needed someone to talk to. Somehow I found myself strolling down third Flowe to find, at no surprise at all, open doors to go through and spill my heart out. You know when your Mom tells you something, and it is annoying, but deep down you know she is right? Well, that’s how I compare the Communications professors. Students may not want to admit it, but they are always right, always.

As many times as I moaned and groaned about pulling all nighters in the media lab, I truly miss the fact that even if I were to pull an all nighter, I would always have a classmate right there with me. These girls that I have grown to know over the past 4 years have been so encouraging and motivating. I can honestly say that I hope each and every one of them will succeed in every way possible, which I know they will. It is hard to explain the bond shared with these girls and my professors, but you have to experience it for yourself. This is what I encourage you, underclassmen, open your eyes and see what is around you.

Embrace the tradition and the rarity that this school has to offer. Don’t go to school with the attitude “I just want to be finished.” Open your hearts to your classmates, your professors, build positive memories and don’t focus on the bad ones. If you do this, then I promise when your name is called to walk across that stage you will know the feeling and you too will never be able to explain it. Keep the tradition alive at Peace, appreciate what you are being offered and make the best of it and yourselves.

Though 4 years seems like a lifetime, it will be over before you know it and you will find yourself writing a senior will as tears roll down your face. Good luck to all and do not be surprised if 60 years from now I am still around.
Message from Jadia Hooper
Jadia photo
I would like to thank everyone whom has contributed to my success as a college student at what is now William Peace University. I would like to thank all of my friends that I made while in college – near and far – because they have contributed to my success as a college student. Not only would I like to thank those who are or were here, but I would like to thank my parents for supporting my decision in coming here. I have grown from a girl to a woman and learned a lot about myself.

I am ready to move forward in my life knowing I made a great decision in joining the Peace family. I most certainly want to thank God for blessing me at this institution, without God leading me here, I feel I would not be the woman I am today. I will miss everyone and hope to see everyone achieving their goals later on in this life.
Message from Brit Smith
Brit Smit
I have met some of the strongest, smartest group of women at Peace. I have been challenged and pushed to not only be better but to be courageous and to stand up for myself. The professors that I had during my time at Peace taught me much more than what was written in the textbook pages they assigned. I will be forever grateful that I ended up here at Peace, my Alma Mater.

Here’s to us, the graduating Class of 2013.

We are all strong and on the days ahead, where that strength might be tested, remember that we have each other, always.

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