"Molly" deaths prompt concert shutdown

Electric Zoo, an electric music festival in New York City, occurs every Labor Day Weekend. This year, it was canceled due to the drug-related deaths of two audience members.
Investigators say Jeffery Russ, 20, and Olivia Rotondo were the victims of overdosing on MDMA, also known as “molly.”
They were taken to the hospital along with four other attendees. Due to the traumatic events that occurred on this past Saturday, the mayor of NYC and the promoters of Electric Zoo decided to cancel day three.
Electric Zoo goers have posted all over the Facebook page of the event. The posts had some sympathy towards the show, but the majority of the attendees were furious over the decision.
Many voices are being heard, including the DJ/Producers that played the festival. “If people take drugs, that’s their own fault,” Dayna Marce, 19, told the NY Post. “You’re going to sit here and take drugs and die because of it — how’s that my fault that you died. I know that sounds mean, but it’s not fair to me. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. Just for some kids to be irresponsible, it’s ridiculous. I’m so angry.”
It seems that those who agreed with the cancellation were largely the facilities and promoters.
So, what is MDMA? To start off, what is serotonin?
Serotonin is a chemical released in your brain that regulates your happiness. For example, people that are bipolar have irregular emissions of serotonin. MDMA is a chemical that releases a plethora of serotonin to your body, creating a euphoric feeling.
Some people take MDMA, or “molly”, at shows because it enhances the visual effects (lights, lasers, strobes, smoke, etc.) and the music itself. Like any hard drug, it can be tampered with or bunk entirely.
Taking an excess of bunk molly can lead to an overdose. Sadly, Olivia and Jefferey were victims of bad molly. This is one of the main reasons why police in Holland go around at festivals and shows to test the drugs to make sure they are pure.
Despite these risks, music goers often choose to “roll face”, which can lead to overdosing.

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