A New Year and a New Beginning

Michelle Peace Photos

By Aaron Mull

A new year at William Peace University brings in a new crop of students as well as a new line up of men’s sports. One of the newest sports on campus is baseball. The reaction to the addition on campus is extremely positive and many students cannot wait to attend the first home game. All eyes are on this forming team with high expectations that they succeed.

This young team brings a new excitement and buzz around campus. When the team steps on to the field for the first time this season they will be making history as the first baseball team at William Peace University.

The baseball players themselves are ready for action and cannot wait for their opportunity to get on the field.

William Peace freshman, Aron Crumb, says “I just want to play.”

This seems to be the consensus of the team and many players as well as prospective players can often be found on Bingham Lawn practicing for tryouts on September 9th.

Freshman Nick Cole said, “Playing here is a great opportunity. Just being the first baseball team in the school’s history makes it even greater.”

The man brought in to coach the teams is Chris Duty. He is a first-year coach and is fulfilling hopes of students that this team becomes a reality.

The first year of any program can be tough because the players, coaches and school are under the spotlight. All great things take time and the baseball team is no different. While it will take many hours of practice on the field, batting cages and bull pens, this team will be a great addition to William Peace University’s athletics.

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