Students speak out: Is WPU overcrowded?

This school year has been marked by the largest incoming class in WPU’s history.
With more than 400 new faces around campus, what are students’ thoughts about the campus being overcrowded? Opinions seemed to be mixed.
Julia Pemberton, a sophomore, said, “I like the growth of Peace. It’s nice seeing more students around campus.”
Aaron Mull, another sophomore, said, “It’s just too many people everywhere.
Juniors Sharon Hackney and Bryson Gibson said, “For our school size, there are not too many people.”
Burton Babloubi, a freshman, said, “After attending Garner High, I’m used to bigger high schools with over 2,000 people.”
Some students voiced concerns about overpopulated areas like the cafeteria, Kenan Recital Hall, Brown-McPherson Building, and computer labs will make it harder to get work done and longer to get food.

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