Anonymous Twitter account has WPU abuzz

wpucrushes (Demo)

By Kevin Collins-Nelson

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know exactly what the person next to you is thinking?

How about the ability to say what you want without consequences?

Like a wave in the ocean or that cool breeze on a hot day @WPUCrushes came and swept through campus catching the attention of students at all hours of the night.

“No one is going to pay attention in class tomorrow.. Professors get readyy!,” tweeted @co_DEEN

What is WPU Crushes?

It’s a twitter handle created by an unknown handler that takes anonymous submissions from fellow classmates. The submissions are completely confidential no one knows the handler and the handler is oblivious to who’s submitting the posts.

The handler is simply a middleman (or woman) to the private thoughts made public.

There are some students that have mixed opinions about the account, expressing their disdain for some of the explicit and vulgar comments by fellow classmates.

“People are going to say what they want to say, I think it’s pretty funny to read the tweets,” said Aaron Mull WPU 2nd year.

Though many say it is all in good fun, others believe some comments are better left in one’s head.

Who’s to blame the handler for giving students an outlet for their thoughts or the students posting submitting them? The big question that remains: who is @WPUCrushes?

No one knows for sure, but it could be the girl or guy next to you in the cafeteria, library, classroom, or the bed across from you.

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