WPU Theatre Presents "No Exit"

Alumni Night 4_23_22-Angel Sutton

By Emily Giangrande

William Peace University Theatre will be presenting Jean-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” September 24 through the 28th with doors opening at 7:00 and the show starting at 7:30 and a matinee showing on Saturday.

The show opens with three strangers entering through a door that leads to nowhere. They are left together in this room trying to find answers as to why they are trapped in this hideous room in hell, why they are there together, and if they can ever exit the room. Through these revelations, each character uncovers various horrific facets pertaining to their own lives and the lives of those with whom they are trapped.

“I feel so proud about the end product, all of us as actors and a production team have worked so hard to create this intense experience,” said Hannah Murphy, a WPU senior and Inez in “No Exit.”

The show has also been a welcomed challenge for the WPU theatre department students.

“As a show, I think it’s great for the theatre students to be able to portray such complex characters because it was a wonderful opportunity to grow as actors,” said Shannon Wright, a WPU senior and the Valet in “No Exit.”

The play stars Shannon Wright, Hannah Murphy, Daryl Munroe, and Josh Walker as the occupants of the room with no exit. The show is directed by Jennifer Avery.

Tickets are $5 for students, $16 for faculty, staff, and alumni and $18 for general public.

They can be purchased online at www.peace.edu/events.

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