William Peace Intramurals kicking off the new year

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By Terrance Myles

Many schools have their big programs and sports teams that seem to keep the school spirit alive and to keep everyone entertained. Even at small colleges such as William Peace University, that type of spirit and entertainment is felt around campus.

With the infamous in-town rivalry game, William Peace vs. Meredith College, any William Peace student will feel the anticipation and hype surrounding that game, no matter what sport is being played.

However, the remaining students who are not included on an official team at school, want to have that same feeling when all eyes are on them for a change. Intramural Sports at WPU was a huge hit in the 2012-2013 school year. Many students participated in a variety of sports, from basketball, dodgeball, and wiffleball.

Jarrod Miron, the head of the Intramurals program feels that it’ll be an even bigger hit this year.

“The main goal I want to get out of this year’s events is to get students involved, get the student workers to grow as professionals and to give students an outlet to meet new people, and get involved in new things,” he said. “I think it will be a successful year of we accomplish that.”

The intramurals program and the Sophomore class council teamed up to start the new year off right, hosting a “Kickoff to Intramurals Sports” event on Bingham Lawn on September 15th. Many students came out to enjoy the activities: volleyball, football toss, lively music, free food, and even a game of football took place.

“I felt like the Kickoff to Intramurals event gave us an opportunity to interact with our peers around campus, and also interact with students I’ve never had the opportunity to meet before,” said Deen Harrison, a sophomore at WPU.

“I expect this will be a very fun year, and I also expect a lot more people to participate in most of the events that will be held”, said Trevor Fessey, also a sophomore at WPU and a member of the men’s baseball team.

Fessey’s expectations were right, in fact, 122 students signed up for the 2013-2014 Intramural Sports season, a huge jump from last year’s numbers.

Many first-year students were very excited to sign up for Intramurals, ready for a chance to showcase their skills in front of their peers.

“Intramural sports is a great way to meet new people and a chance to show-off my skills in other sports” said Phillip Peadon, a WPU first year student.

So far Intramural sports seems to be shaping into something great, maybe even historic, with the number of participants and excitement surrounding it, intramurals are going full force and seems as though it’ll be a program that will impact William Peace’s campus in a positive light for the 2013-2014 school year.

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