Making your way around the WPU crowds

There is nothing more unpleasant than encountering an endless line when you are hungry and only have fifteen minutes to eat before your next class, or when you desperately need to print your homework but all the computers are taken.
With all of the new students it is becoming apparent that common areas like the library and Dining hall are much more crowded this year than they have been in the past. Peace is experiencing a few growing pains that come with adjusting to expansion. To try and avoid any unpleasantness here are some useful tips:
For a more satisfying dining experience:
Try the continental meals – if your schedule allows it try to eat at times when the cafeteria is much less crowded.
Use the presidential dining room – it has been open for student use this year with plenty of unoccupied tables.
Don’t waste time in line – instead of joining the long lines for the main dishes start with soup or salad instead until the line has grown shorter.
Make more than one trip – use the buffet to your advantage and don’t waste your time on trying to get everything at once.
Explore other options – meal plans come with money that a student can use at the peace perk and certain approved restaurants like Donatos.
For easier access to the computers:
Use the quiet computer lab – in the library the computers can be filled very quickly, but the quiet computer lab in the back is usually empty.
Try the other computer labs – there are several commuter labs that are available to students around campus if the library is full or closed.
Be friendly – use the buddy system and share a computer with one of your friends, especially if you only need to print something out.
Ask for laptops – the library has laptops that students can use when the desktops are all taken so try asking for one at the circulation desk.
Making just a few of these minor adjustments can turn your day from stressful to carefree when you realize that having more students on campus is not necessarily a terrible thing.

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