December Grads Deserve a Ceremony

Every May, students of William Peace University get a graduation ceremony full of music, refreshments, and guest speakers.
What about those Seniors who graduate in December? They are left with making the decision of not having a ceremony or having a ceremony but being a part of a class who is graduating in a different year.
Samuel Birckhead, a December graduate at North Carolina State University said,“ I think it would be awful if there was no December ceremony at State. We wouldn’t have the same benefits of those who graduate in May. Even though we would be able to walk in May we still wouldn’t have a ceremony that was catered to our year specifically.”
Since there are numerous students at NC State University they are able to have a ceremony within their major and as a graduating class.
Peace says that because of the low number of students graduating in December they are unable to have a ceremony.
Although a ceremony with a guest speaker and orchestra would cost a lot for the college, many December graduates say all they care about is having a ceremony that is catered to their class specifically.
“It would be nice if there was a December ceremony because I wouldn’t have to worry about balancing work and the spring ceremony. It also would be nice not having to be referred to as the class of 2014 when in actuality I graduated in 2013,” said Martha Worthington, a future December graduate.
Even if it is a few professors that come and the president, I believe the students and professors alone would make for a well rounded December Ceremony.
The ceremony itself wouldn’t have to be outside it could be in the chapel or in the auditorium.
There are many ways the school could go about having a December graduation ceremony and cheaply. They however choose not to because no one seems to make a big deal of it.
I am writing this news article in hopes that professors and administrators will hear my voice and realize just how important a December graduation ceremony is for those who are graduating in December.
I would like to sit in on a ceremony and hear, “Congratulations graduating class of 2013!” instead of “Congratulations graduating class of 2014!.”

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