Kickoff is here!

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Football fans can rejoice because football season is now back in action and their Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays will no longer be filled with boredom.
Week one started with three days’ worth of football games. Game one of the season started with the Denver Broncos playing the defending champion Baltimore Ravens. Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning made short work of the Ravens’ defense and ended the game with an NFL record 7 touchdown passes as the Broncos won 49-27.
Sunday had 13 games full of action.  Some of the most notable games included the New Orleans Saints pinned against the Atlanta Falcons, which brought the return of the Saints’ head coach Sean Payton after being suspended all of last year.  In his return, Payton lead his team to victory.
Another big game on the schedule was a rematch of the NFC title game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers.  Once again the 49ers bested the Packers who didn’t play their best of games as the 49ers dominated the entire game.
Monday brought the last two games of week one to a close with the Philadelphia Eagles playing the Washington Redskins.  This game had two different storylines, one was the return of Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III from an off season repair of his ACL and MCL.  The typical return time for the injury is a year to a year and a half, in which Griffin came back in nine months.
Second storyline was the debut of Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly for his first NFL football game.  In the end the Eagles beat the Redskins 33-27 by use of their fast paced high octane offense.
The final game of week one set the Houston Texans against the San Diego Chargers, the Chargers were defeated by the Texans 31-28.  Football is here for the next 16 weeks and then concludes in February with the Super Bowl. Fans take comfort in the fact that for the next six months you can take solitude in football, don’t take it for granted and watch every game you can.

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