"It's a beautiful campus from afar"

“It’s a beautiful campus from afar, but some work definitely needs to be done,” says Maya Bryant, 18, who attends her first year at William Peace University.
Students like Bryant are complaining as they walk around campus and notice that little construction or landscaping is taking place at Peace. With above-average tuition cost, students are wondering where their tuition is going to. Walking around campus, students see that there is rotting wood, endless paint jobs needed and a lack of floral life.
Dezmond Herbert, 19, says, “I wish that the campus had more to offer. With the campus lacking attractions, no one wants to stay on the weekends, and campus is always vacant.”
Andrew Suarez, 18, had little positive to say. “I like the small campus, but a lot needs to be improved.” He says that the dorms need to be deep cleaned, the carpet is old and needs to be removed, and that updated furniture would be welcomed. He then goes into detail about the student center. “Our student center is small, outdated, and there’s not much to do up there. Not many people spend their time there.“
Although, not much is changing in residence halls, the college is making changes to the cafeteria and student bookstore. With Peace hiring a new catering company and the bookstore is currently under construction.
Students gather around to watch as their school grow. Peace students are quite excited about this. These new changes are sure to make the Peace community happy, promoting a better social life at Peace.
The faculty hopes to see more students coming to Peace. “Things may be be taking off slowly, but I do have hope for this campus,” says, Bryant.

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