Pocketful Of Money and a Cheap Date: Budget Friendly Movie Night

With the weekend approaching, what’s a group of friends to do on a typical Thursday College Night that is somewhat cheap? Go see a movie at Carmike Blue Ridge 14 Cinema, also known as the $2 dollar movie theater. After purchasing our tickets for The Conjuring, Carlos Cirino and Samanthya Oyathelemi and I found our seats at the very front of the theater. On the edge of our seats, we watched as the lights dimmed and the screen expanded.
The movie is an adaptation based on the true story that occurred in the 70’s and detailed the lives of the Perron family. During their stay at the home, they experienced hauntings and mysterious happenings, such as disembodied voices, apparitions, and injuries no one could remember how they got. During the movie, there were moments where we screamed more often than we would admit, thanks to the stellar effects of makeup and acting by the cast. The Conjuring alternated between historical facts, well-made fiction, as well as comedy relief in the scenes to keep its intrigue.
Nearly two hours later, we left the movie with a new definition of fear. To think, being trapped in a home with a seemingly mind of its own and ready to attack its owners was shocking and the ghosts made one cringe at sleeping in the dorm with the lights off.
Much later, we settle down to a fit of giggles and discussed the film. Samanthya, a senior at William Peace University, laughed and said, “I was scared at some parts, but I would go see it again.” As for scary movies and its terrifying appeal for those who come back for more like our trio, Carlos, a junior, believes, “It’s the jumping–scaring people. Even if you think it’s not going to scare you, it does at the end”. We can contest to that with the popcorn thrown in the air by the audience mid-show.
What’s more, it’s only $2 per ticket any day of the week and as Carlos adds, “It’s a great way to relax after a hard weekend in school. Theaters now are so expensive. You can watch them here instead.” With the last word, Samanthya puts in her 2 cents about the price, “I’m game all day.” So, if you find yourself bored on a Thursday night and wanting to sit out the party scene, catch a movie at your local Carmike Blue Ridge 14 Cinema in Raleigh for a night of budget friendly fun with your pals.

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