Wolf Creek commute is a financial drain

The commute to Wolf Creek from/to Peace is taxing on many students at William Peace University.
Some students choose to commute from home or from apartments near Peace which is great, but Wolf Creek occupants did not choose this and those who were assigned to Wolf Creek originally were those who desired to stay on campus as a first choice. Being told we had to stay off campus was a shock to us upperclassmen.
WPU provides a shuttle but the shuttle is not always something you can rely on, and is hard for some to work their schedule around.
Peace Singer and Wolf Creek resident Sharon Hackney says, “I’m at school every day of the week for something, so I wish it wasn’t so far. I can’t afford to drive back and forth multiple times a day so I stay on campus and I can’t always take the shuttle because I bring my guitar to practices and I’ll have to stay once practice ends.”
The shuttle (as nice as it was for WPU to provide) is still hard for some people to be able to ride for many reasons. This leaves the option of transportation down to driving personal vehicles. If you do not have one you either hitch a ride with a friend or you have to work around the shuttle.
Those who drive have a tough time in this economy already and with this commute it is making a big strain on their wallet.
Rachel Sapp, a sophomore, says, “The commute is really hard on my wallet. I’m spending more money than expected because sometimes the twenty minute drive takes thirty minutes , not only wasting my gas, but also making me late for class. Living at Wolf Creek is more of a hassle than help.”
Students have to get up an hour to two hours early and leave almost an hour before they actually have to be here to get here on time. This reduces the amount of sleep students get and as college students we don’t need any less sleep.
Wolf Creek has indeed affected our pockets and our schedules in a big way. Though there are perks to living there, it is a hassle for many reasons too.
Asking students to rearrange things just to get to school is not a way to help students achieve successes.
WPU is a great place and a home away from home the students love it. At Wolf Creek we are distanced away from home and that affects our pockets and our hearts. It has taken a toll out on all of us commuters.

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