WPU’s Dining Services Upgrade Provides Positive Feedback

There are some new changes on William Peace University’s campus this year. One of the biggest is the change in the dining hall. One may have noticed students walking out of the cafeteria with cups of ice cream and bigger to-go boxes. Students are also spending more time in the dining hall this year thanks to the extended dining hours. This is all because of WPU’s decision to change its dining services partner from Aramark to Sodexo.
“Last year the food was terrible,” says Meghan Luffman, a WPU junior. “There were days where all I would eat were french fries and cereal.” In addition to extended dining hours, there are new dining options available this year including a pizza and deli station. These additions and changes have won over many students who were unhappy with the selection of food offered when Peace’s services were with Aramark. “I really enjoy the sandwich station they have this year, it adds to the options we have now unlike previous years,” Luffman stated.
Lidia Ybanez, a current freshman on campus, said,” the food in the dining hall isn’t bad, but it’s not top-of-the-line either: it could be better but I am not complaining.” Ybanez went on to describe an option she thought would be beneficial for students who eat in the dining hall regularly. “Maybe there should be a survey for students to write down foods they would like to see added to the menu.” This option was available last year to students and a lot of feedback was received. After the surveys and options were noted, Peace’s decision to change its food service provider has been welcomed by many students.
“I feel like the food we have this year is the best I’ve seen in my three years attending Peace,” said Luffman.

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