Moore Square: Where is the empathy?

wide shot of two people sitting on a park bench at Moore Square

For numerous years, transportation center Moore Square in downtown Raleigh has been a gathering center for charities desiring to care for Raleigh’s homeless population. Religious and non-religious charities have both utilized this location to offer food, toiletries, and other necessities.
On August 24, local charity group ‘Love Wins’ found themselves confronted by Raleigh police and told they must leave the premises immediately because it was illegal to distribute food without a permit. Last week, a news article was released revealing city officials’ hidden attempts to “clean up” Moore Square by implementing new restrictions.
It is quite horrendous of city officials to try denying a basic human necessity to their citizens in the twenty first century.
It does not matter the circumstances behind an individual’s inability to receive nourishment. As fellow humans, we should never find ourselves purposely attempting to prevent others from accessing a substance required for survival.
Although local charities are attempting to overturn this regulation, they are falling up short.
City council members seem to be lacking empathy and kindness for others.
No matter your religious or political affiliation, there should be no desire to bear witness to the starvation of others.

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