Mid-semester Job Search

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By Halla Sider

It is common to think that the perfect time to get a part time job is at the beginning of the school year. For most students, it is also one of the most overwhelming because of the difficulties of moving into the dorms and signing up for classes. Spread too thin, many students end up without a job thinking they have to wait for the next year.

Just because it is mid-semester does not mean the job search is over. In fact, this is a great time to be productive; exams are still far away so you have some free time to visit the Career Center in Main 17. Students can get help building a strong resume, filling out applications, and brushing up on your interview skills from the Career Center staff.

Armed with these essential tools and helpful advice, students can be ready for the holiday season. Stores will be looking for extra help in the next few months giving college students a great opportunity for part time work.

At around the same time the semester will finish which means that some students will be transferring, and leaving empty campus job positions behind. Be sure to check for any open work study positions because they are very convenient. Such work study positions require no transportation, involve meeting new people, and look great on a resume.

Do not despair if you need a job, there are plenty available it is just a matter of knowing where to look.

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