WPU's Haunted House?

main building and fountain at night, building lit up

Each year William Peace University holds their annual Fall Fest which caters to families around the community.
Each club has their own stand that provides different activities that the children can participate in. Bobbing for apples, painting your own pumpkin, and trick or treating from dorm to dorm are just some of the activities.
What about the college kids or high schoolers that live in the surrounding area? One way Peace could open up the campus to prospective students and other college students would be to have a haunted house on the campus.
Clubs could come together to make decorations for the haunted house and even some of the alumnae could get involved in decorating.
It would be interesting to make a haunted house based around the history of the school since Main already has a history of being haunted by hospitalized Civil War soldiers. The third floor was a morgue for the hospital and is still said to be haunted.
Alumnae Shauna Yates says she remembers, “hearing stories about how the fourth floor was haunted in Main.” Yates also went on to say that she believes “it would be a wonderful idea for Peace to come up with an idea for a haunted house because it would get not only the community involved but prospective students involved as well.”
While making the arrangements for this haunted house it would also serve as a great way for the neighboring community to learn the history of the school as well. Before the tour of the haunted house there would be an activity the visitors would have to do before entering the haunted house in order to learn the history.
Learning the history would ultimately make the tour more nerve-wracking for the visitors. Having an option for high schoolers will allow them to become familiar with the campus and people on campus

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