Graduation Guidelines

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By Katrice Rasberry

Every year towards graduation there is a rush to make sure everything is done and all grades are put in and all your fees are paid, but there are also the small things that are sometimes forgotten about:

Make sure that you take the Computer Competency Exam this is a must for graduating.

Make sure that all your classes are approve and on record –meaning if a class was substitute for an general requirement or for your major make sure that it was approved by your advisor and the registrar.

Make sure all past fees and balances are paid for that includes –library fees parking fees and any other fees you may inquire.
Make sure all paper work is done in time and has been turn in on time.

Also make sure you do not wait to last minute to get everything done and submit.

Make sure you submit your graduation request form and pay your 150 diploma fee.

While these are only a few items to check off talk with your advisor and the registrar more about graduation and make a checklist of your own also one last thing make sure that you have a wonderful graduation experience.

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