Peace to host Fall Cocktail November 8th

5 students dancing and smiling at the Fall Cocktail

By Samanthya Oyathelemi

As the weather gets colder, it is  time to keep warm by dancing up a storm at Fall Cocktail hosted by William  Peace University. Many look forward to taking a break from studying  and showing up at this event.

Fall Cocktail is a tradition that William Peace University, formerly  known as Peace College, has been hosting since the school opened in  1857.

Fall Cocktail is a wonderful and widely anticipated occasion where  students from the university come dressed fashionably to the nines and  bust out some savvy dance moves, pose for photographs and laugh the  night away with friends and Peace faculty.

Olivia Hall, a senior at William  Peace University, says, “I love the tradition of Fall Cocktail and  it is a time for me and my friends to hangout.”

William Peace University will be entering its second year of Fall Cocktail  with the male students as attendees.

“I’m excited for Fall Cocktail”,  says Carlos Cirino, a junior at Peace.

“It is my first time and I  know it is going to be a fun night with good friends all around.”

This year, Fall Cocktail will be  held on November 8 at the Marbles Kids Museum on Hargett Street.

Tickets and t-shirts will be sold on Belk Landing for $5 each  starting next week.

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