Cost for Elderly Care

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By Christina Hawes

Life expectancy has doubled in the past 150 years.  According  to a demographic life expectancy chart from Berkley’s web page, On  average in the 1900’s Americans both male and female lived between the ages of 46-48 years of age ( ).

Now that age has doubled to 78- 80 years of age. With this  steady rise in age also increases the need for care.

Families taking  care of their aging relatives either take care of them within the family  or seek an alternative; nursing homes.

“My grandmother is disabled  and my family has to help her a lot and its very stressful on us at times,” says Tenia Waddell a junior majoring in biology at William  Peace University.

With the cost to live in American society  steadily  rising and being that health care is not as attainable to the population  as a whole, families have to pay for things out of pocket, which is  a financial stressor.

Some families, who prefer nursing homes as an alternative, also have stressor on making sure their relatives are being cared for. Denise  Hawkins, who works with Comfort Care, aids these relatives inside nursing homes.

“Some care provided is paid out of families own pockets, if  coverage was available, the insurance company would pay for this but  with mental health cut backs, the patients themselves and families are  solely responsible for expenses occurred,” says Hawkins.

With  the population and age rising why is the cost for care so costly?

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