It’s back: NBA 2013-2014

two pictures in one, bottom picture is of a golden shiny basketball trophy in front of a blue background. Top picture is of the US map, each state is outlined by the logo of their professional basketball team.

By Kimothy Jones Jr.

The NBA has returned for another season. On October 29th,  The two-time defending champion Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls in the first game of the season. This is just the beginning of a long 82 game regular season for each team that will last all the way until April.

The Heat are looking to do what few teams have, which is three-peat. However, there are plenty of teams that are up and coming that want to challenge the heat for the title.

The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls of the eastern conference have given the Heat problems in the past, and are looking to cause trouble again. The Brooklyn Nets have a new roster, thanks to the acquisitions of Kevin Garnet, and Paul Pierce, along with starters Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. With this new roster, Brooklyn may also be able to contend for the Eastern Conference title.

The San Antonio Spurs are looking for a return trip to the NBA Finals after a heartbreaking loss to the Heat in last season’s finals.

Also, the Oklahoma City Thunder are still talented, and are looking for their first championship. The western conference will be once again tight. With new head coach Doc Rivers, the Clippers have been picked to make a run in the West.

The Rockets, with their new center Dwight Howard teaming up with James Harden, has their fans believing the can perhaps but Houston back on the map. Of Course, you can never count out Kobe Bryant and the Lakers no matter how weak their roster may look.

Though some are obviously more talented than others, pretty much every team In the NBA is dreaming to hoisting the Larry O’Brian trophy come June, and dethrone the Miami Heat. LeBron James and the Heat will have something to say about that, as they embark on anther journey to defend their title, and perhaps get LeBron another MVP.

How will the season unfold? It’s only been a two week, so we have a long way to find out, but until then, everybody should just sit back and enjoy the action.NBA

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